MPS-400 self-cleaning multi-parameter sensor (Rs485 Modbus/RTU)

Detailed description Application Technical Parameters Product structure
  • The company's online multi-parameter water quality sensor, integrated design, reliable and easy to use. Up to four digital sensors can be connected at the same time. The parameters to be measured include dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, conductivity, and turbidity. Use Rs485 wiring, Modbus/RTU communication protocol. The signal measured by the sensor can be directly transmitted to the data acquisition platform, and the technician can use the touch screen, the mobile phone and the computer to collect data in a convenient manner.
    The online multi-parameter water quality sensor is equipped with an automatic cleaning device, and the rotating shaft of the cleaning motor is extended in the middle, and the other end of the rotating shaft is connected to the brush. The motor can set the time and speed, so that it can adapt to the water quality of different cleanliness. For example, the water pollution level is large, and the impurities can be set to rotate at a long time. The automatic cleaning device can effectively remove the surface contamination of the sensor, prevent the growth of microorganisms, and greatly reduce the maintenance cost. The sensor on each connection is equipped with a quick-release waterproof connector for easy assembly and disassembly.
    The outermost ring thread can be connected to the connecting pool of different diameters for pipe connection.
    The sensor cover on the front end is used to protect the four internal sensors. The surrounding slots are evenly slotted to introduce the liquid to be tested. The small size of the slots prevents large suspended particles and biological damage to the sensor probe.

    The multi-parameter water quality sensor of this company is more convenient to install and carry, and can directly reflect the real data of various parameters measured on site.

    Digital sensor, Rs485 output, support MODBUS
    All calibration parameters are stored in the sensor, and each probe has a waterproof connector for easy insertion and removal.
    Equipped with automatic cleaning device, it can effectively remove the surface contamination of the sensor, prevent the growth of microorganisms, more accurate and lower maintenance.
    Optional fluorescence method for dissolving oxygen, electromagnetic conductivity, turbidity, pH, ORP sensor, suitable for long-term online monitoring.
    The integrated design allows four probes to be connected at the same time to measure five parameters.