Yantai CHEMINS Instrument Co., Ltd. is an emerging high-tech technology enterprise with high technology as its starting point. It is committed to the research, development, production, sales and service of analytical instruments and system solutions.

Main products

 CHEMINS Instruments specializes in the application of online analyzers in a variety of industrial and electromechanical applications. The measurement parameters are: conventional five parameters (conductivity, dissolved oxygen, PH/ORP, turbidity, temperature), chlorophyll, blue-green algae, ammonia nitrogen , COD, etc., various types of sensors can meet the different requirements of different applications and can design a complete system solution for customer needs.

 Sales and Service

 The sales and service team of CHEMINS is a team with many years of research and application experience in marine environmental analysis, environmental monitoring, modern agriculture, various water treatment, food and medicine, smart water and other industries. It is a quick response. The technical and marketing team of customer needs can take advantage of the extensive technology and experience of CHEMINS in the professional field to help customers take the lead in market challenges.

The enterprise type

A high-tech environmental protection industry that integrates the development, production, manufacture, sales and service of liquid and gas measuring instruments and sensors.

Strategic objectives

Domestic equipment, serving the world.



Hangzhou CHEMINS IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou CHEMINS IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. is an independent subsidiary established by Yantai CHEMINS Instrument in Hangzhou in 2016. It is mainly engaged in the research and  development of new environmental analysis sensors and the service and development of the southern and international markets.

Hangzhou Rich Green Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Rich Green Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Hangzhou in 2015. It is mainly engaged in the construction of environmental monitoring installation and operation engineering technical services and environmental analysis algorithm platform.

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